The Day That Changed My Daughters Life

I know the title seems a little dramatic, but with a little background on our  2 years prior to doing the 3 Day Diluting the Iceberg Workshop, we had no idea how much it would change our lives forever.

My daughter who was 16 years old at the time had on the outside a fun bubbly personality that her friends saw, but home she was shut in her room and living a nightmare that she couldn’t see a way out of. She was depressed, cutting herself, suicidal and absolutely miserable. She was in a  horrible black space that she could only see one way out and that terrified me. We had been to all the professionals, mental health, psychiatrists and medications but nothing seemed to work and she would sink back into that deep pit of depression and hopelessness.

A few of my friends had told me about Moving Forward Australia and I had signed myself up to do the 3-day workshop to help with the break down of my marriage and my own self-sabotaging ways. Then they suggested my daughter do it as well with me, she was so introverted that  I thought she isn’t going to do this. She surprised me and said yes but only if I was going to be with her. This was the last chance of saving her.

On the 2nd day of the workshop,  I left the room while she talked and got things out, but the girl I left in there was the quiet, sullen, dark, depressed, no hope left on earth. When I came back in I couldn’t believe my eyes….it makes me tear up just thinking about it now. She was standing in the room with all these people around her and smiling, talking and looking people in the eye.  Four years on and she is running her grandparents business and dealing with people twice her age with total confidence.

I thank god every day that we did the Diluting the Iceberg Workshop because I  believe it helped save my daughters life.


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